The main course in famine

So, what is famine, exactly?
Hold on…
Famine is a situation in which a substantial proportion of the population in a certain region are unable to access adequate food, resulting in widespread acute malnutrition and loss of life by starvation and disease.

Wow, that’s a mouthful!

That’s because it is an enormously complex topic. And as with most complex things, there are many wrong ideas about famine. This exhibition aims to put an end to these misconceptions. Because famines do NOT need to exist in these modern times.

We offer you a menu of 6 tiny courses, each answering an important question about famine.

You will get a taste of its causes, its effects on different people, and how people may still find ways to feed themselves. You will also learn how people get help, whether they migrate, and what both the present and the future of famine look like.

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